Increase Home Value with Baluster Replacement

Increase The Value of Your Home Through Staircase Remodeling – American Stair & Rail Artisans

Increasing home value can be a daunting decision that may leave you questioning where your money would best be invested to increase the value of your home for future sales. According to recent research, one of the most commonly overlooked areas by many sellers in increasing home value has been staircase remodeling. Staircase remodel is far more affordable than many may assume, and has been proven to be among the most valued home improvements for potential buyers.

By simply remodeling your staircase and adding replacement balusters you can breathe a whole new life into your foyer, creating an entry way that will be marveled over by all who enter. Whether spiral, circular, curve or even a regal grand staircase will be the first and most important impression potential buyers will have of your home.

A staircase remodel is an excellent way to bring an added touch of personalization into your home; a modern and luxurious staircase is a wonderful way to allow your personality to shine through. By adding replacement balusters in your home, you can create a whole new look; modernizing a traditional look or adding a focal point that will make your home’s entry way a work of art! Replacing staircases and balusters are by far one of the best investments you can make to your home whether you want to resell in the near future or to add a new look for your own personal enjoyment. Whether you are considering living in your home for the next decade or you plan to sell some time in the near future, by adding the elegant touch of a staircase remodel, you will be increasing home value that will set your home apart from the rest.

Exceptional Service is Our Specialty

Our staircase balusters design is created by artisans who have over a combined 35 years of experience in producing a variety of staircase balusters. We ensure that your replacement balusters are made with only the most finest of craftsmanship. It is no wonder why our customers have entrusted us to remodel staircases in their homes for over the past several generations.

Because we are a family-owned business, we have a habit of treating our clients with greater care and have a deeper commitment to detailed craftsmanship than they might expect from a larger corporation. No matter the number of staircases we’ve remodeled, we still treat your staircase with the utmost importance. From joining forces with our clients on the design process to reviewing the finished product with our company president right before shipping, we stop at nothing to make sure you get exactly the remodeled staircase you want.

Our goal is to help you make the first impression of your home the very best it can be. Call us today at 732-363-3734, for unlimited options in both replacement balusters and stairs; we can want to make your staircase dreams come to reality.