Baluster Replacement

American Stair & Rail Artisans – Baluster Replacement from A Company You Can Trust

baluster-replacement-1Do you live in New Jersey? Are the balusters in your home in urgent need of replacement? Call the experts at American Stair and Rail Artisans for all your baluster replacement and baluster repair needs.  We are the leading custom stair manufacturer and stair parts supplier in the tri-state area.  Our wide range of fabrication specialties spans from baluster replacement, winding stairs, spiral stairs, and curved luxury staircases, to circular stairs and even elegant grand and monumental stair systems for mansions and banquet halls.

baluster-replacementBaluster replacement is an excellent way to bring an added touch of personalization into your home that reflects your own style and warmth. By replacing balusters in your home, you can create a whole new look; modernizing a traditional look or adding a focal point that will make your home’s foyer a masterpiece! Replacing balusters can make a staircase look brand new – without the hassle and expense of a completely new stairway. Whether you are considering living in your home for the next decade or you plan to sell some time in the near future, updated balusters for stairs increase your homes value by adding an elegant touch to set your home apart from the rest.

We owe our success in equal parts to both family ownership and a commitment to always employing state-of-the-art technology to help keep costs down and quality high. In order to provide you with the most competitive prices on replacing balusters and staircase parts or maintenance, we combine our skilled craftsmen, fine hardwoods and advanced manufacturing technology to give you exactly what you want at an affordable price. Whether you’re just looking for a simple new baluster for your stairs or you’re thinking of adding a winding, spiral or circular curved staircase, no other stair manufacturer produces the same high quality stair products and baluster replacement parts as American Stair and Rail Artisans.

Let our staircase craftsmen working out of our facility in Lakewood, New Jersey, put their combined 50 years of industry experience to work for you. We work hard to ensure that your custom winding, circular, or curved stairs and even replacement balusters for stairs, will be the ultimate first impression that guests take away with them after a visit to your home. Call us today at 732-363-3734, and let us help you dazzle your guests! - StairPro - Stair Design Tool