Stair Repair

 Stair Replacement with Incredible Attention to Detail & Design

Are you in need of stair replacement in your New Jersey home and are unsure which stair repair company to trust? Call the experts at American Stair and Rail Artisans for all your stair repair and replacement needs.  We are the most distinguished custom staircase manufacturer and stair repair parts supplier serving the tri-state area. We also specialize in stair railing repair, and ensure 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction in all we do.  Our vast array of fabrication specialties ranges from building monumental grand staircases to effecting winding stair replacement, spiral stair repair, curved luxury stair railing repair, and more.

Stair replacement goes a long way in any home. If there seems to be something old and drab about your foyer, why not breathe a breath of revitalization into it by finally making the stair replacement you have been putting off? Updating a staircase can offer so much to a home’s value and presentation. There is nothing quite as spectacular as walking into an entrance way and finding an exquisitely designed staircase before you. Whether you wish to impress new guests, future buyers or are just looking to add a new-found admiration to your home when family and friends stop by, stair replacement is a sure bet.

Thanks to our family ownership and state-of-the-art technology, we can provide you with the most exclusive craftsmanship at an affordable price. We have perfected the art of building staircases and stair or railing repair through the delicate balance of skillful craftsmanship, utilizing fine hardwoods and employing advanced manufacturing technology. This allows us to give you magnificent staircases and expert stair repair. From winding, spiral or circular curve stairs to elegant, luxury staircases, no other stair manufacturer produces the same quality stair products and or has as much experience in stair and railing repair as American Stair and Rail Artisans.

Our NJ stair repair facility in Lakewood, New Jersey, is comprised of custom stairs manufacturers and artisans who focus on exquisite design and impeccable attention to detail. With a combined 50 years of experience, our craftsmen produce only the finest of stair replacement and stair railing repair parts. Call us today at 732-363-3734, and rest assured your stair replacement will be handled with the highest level of safety and quality. We ensure that any stair repair we perform to your custom stairs, whether winding spiral or circular curved stairs, will once again make your staircase the masterpiece of your home.